Biography & Testimonials:

For over a decade One7 have been sharing their music with audiences across Australia and beyond. Their earthy acoustic sounds combined with rich melodies make One7’s music very unique.

One7’s approach is simply to present contemporary music that is both faith filled and message orientated. With insightful songs such as Still Love that reflect upon God’s unchanging love and grace, to the upbeat catchy When I Say Your Name proclaiming God’s power and breakthrough in all circumstances. The songs have purpose, the songs are powerfully written in truth and sensitivity.

Rupert & Daniela Penrith are One7 whose ministry extends beyond the music as they are also effective Christian communicators who are often asked to speak at church services and events. Their pastoral calling brings a common thread to partnering with local churches through understanding.

With the recent release of their widely regarded and acclaimed new album Fade make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to experience One7 in concert as their itinerary continues to expand.


“I highly recommend the ministry of One7.  Recently we hosted Rupert and Daniela at Living Waters Church Kyabram.  Their friendly and warm nature was evident to all.  The message brought on the day was well present and very relevant to all age groups that attend our church.  Our experience with One7 was very positive and we would welcome them back at any time.”

Pastor Trevor Kay – Living Waters Church, Kyabram, Victoria

 “We hosted One7 in the same 4 week period in which we also hosted a well known Australian Youth band and World famous American Gospel singer.

One7 were as polished as either of the others, but the highlight was the impact upon many of our people who responded positively to One7’s heart to encourage every person to be real about their faith and open to God’s work in their lives.
The sound is good, Rupert and Daniela are obviously skilled and seasoned musicians, but their love for people is infectious. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their ministry!”

Pastor Phillip Tong – Ballarat Christian Fellowship, Ballarat, Victoria

“Rupert & Daniela Penrith (One7) encourage, uplift, challenge and inspire through a powerful presentation of music, stories and ministry. Their outstanding music has broad appeal that makes a One7 event something to be enjoyed by young and old alike. I have know Rupert & Daniela for 10 years and it has been a joy to know them and walk the journey with them.”

Peter Shurley, Senior Pastor, Life Christian Church, Ulverstone, Tasmania; Award Winning Gospel Artist & Producer

Our last artists – One7, I cannot recommend enough. While I had not heard of them before, they impressed with diverse musical styles, great harmonies, tight performance and importantly were unashamed to share their faith. If you haven’t heard them before follow them up! You will not be disappointed should you get them to visit your church / event.

Peter Dohnt – Crosswinds Ministries Australia